Jilted – DUST – Soundtrack and Title tune

Jilted – DUST- soundtrack and title tune

All music was written and performed by JILTED for this film. DUST is the title track of the album. I know it is a cliché but the song practically wrote itself around a central theme within the film.

A working title of the film was ‘In dust we trust’, and it was a homage to the Chemical Brothers who have song to the same name, a band that are still providing the soundtrack to my life, and were an inspiring factor to the production of the soundtrack.

The film was shortened to DUST, a suggestion by Karl Dillon, and it holds more a punch. It is a word that speaks volumes and contains a power that travels far back into the ancient world, it is biblical and beyond.  In the Old testament, Ecclesiastes 3:20, it says ‘we all go unto the same place;

All are us come from dust, and all turn to dust’. This simple reflection enlivens a more complex reality that humans are comprised of dust particles that we also share with stars and materials in the galaxy in not-yet-fully understood time-space continuum. It is the place of the title song DUST to open the film, with its ambient synth stabs it echoes of space odyssey seducing the audience into the mouth of the universe. The soundtrack of DUST and particular the title song has the unique signature mark of the producer Simon Cullen aka Lazer Tom, also the other half of the Choice prize winning duo ‘Ships’. This song oozes psychedelic, hits the cosmic high notes but is grounded with a steady house beat that supports the telling of a story. A story of a struggle to letting go, a letting go of a something that one never had in the first place- this is the story of melancholia. 

Jilted- DUST (lyrics)

Verse 1

It’s time to eat the dust

This time we really must

Believe it was only a dream

Become that what you are

Be that fallen star, don’t be afraid to fall too far


For it’s been too long and I can’t go on

For it’s only in our dreams that we see reality

Verse 2

when we rise up from the dust

the sky can only see

another world in the lens of fantasy

you need to let go now

you need let ghosts return to ground


For its been too long and I can’t go on

for its only in our dreams that we see reality

A recurring theme in the film is how fantasy, pathological fantasy in this case is an attempt at recovery, a process of reconstructing a broken psyche, an attempt to regain a lost world. We can see how a certain population, mainly young people cling on to the fantasy of the virtual world with dear life, to shelter them from an ultimate fear, the fear of realising that we are all programmed like machines. We fear waking up only to realize that we are not only humanoids or players on a game, but our greatest fear is that we are already dead, ghosts in a machine, on a cloud somewhere, with no memories, only flickering reminisces. We can see the protagonist Cassie, appearing to have no other option, the only way she can find out what lurks in the shadows, in the abyss, the void of the unconscious is to surrender fully to her delusion, to follow her hallucination to its twisted conclusion.