Wanna be Jilted?

Another song from the DUST soundtrack, written and performed by Jilted with collaboration with supreme Irish talent, Hazel Peters and Tempermental Misselayneous.



The song ‘Wanna be Jilted’ was produced by the sonic shaman, Simon Cullen, also know as Lazer Tom and co-producer with SHIPs. It combines an eclectic of genres always cooking in the mind of Jilted musical maestro Nigel Mulligan. Hazel Peter’s is a Dublin born singer and is no stranger to motown, reggae and blues https://www.hazelpetersmusic.com/   

Elayne Tempermental Misselayneos is a hip-hop influenced Rap artist who is no stranger to revolution and put her own unique brand of cut-throat poetic lyrics on the local and universal struggles of the left.

The song speaks of the modern world; how we can be influenced and force-fed our identities and become strangulated by the pop culture machines of mediocrity. It is always painful to be released from its grasp but ultimately it is worth the lost blood. We see the battle scars in society of excessive everything, but to revolt we must be willing to lose everything in order to win our freedom.

Are you ready to get Jilted?